Laughter Yoga and the Best Corporate Chair Massage in NYC

I learned about a new and easy approach to healing recently. This healing technique has been shown to have miraculous results for many people.


I learned about Laughter Therapy a few weeks back at  a Holistic Wellness Conference with The New York City Chair Massage Company –

According to the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor “Therapeutic humor is defined to be: “Any intervention: that promotes health and wellness by stimulating a playful discovery, expression or appreciation of the absurdity or incongruity of life’s situations.”

Many people were unaware of the power of humor to heal until they saw the movie “Patch Adams”; the true story of a medical doctor committed to using conscious joy and humor to heal. In the healing community however, laughter has been known for years to have a curative effect on all types of physical and emotional illness including depression.  Back in the 1970’s Norman Cousins write a book “Anatomy of an Illness”, that described his healing from a degenerative illness while sitting in a hotel room and watching comedy movies for hours on end and laughing until his sides hurt.


Laughter makes us less defensive about our insecurities, brings out our spontaneity and is associated with the pleasurable emotions.  Humor makes us feel lighthearted, joyous, childlike and playful. It is virtually impossible to experience anxiety, fear, depression, or anger while laughing.

Laughter reduces stress hormones, increases tolerance to pain, stimulates breathing, and increases immune response by increasing healthy antibodies. Psychotherapists have begun integrating humor in the treatment of emotional and mental disorders.

A study at the University of Maryland Medical Center showed the healing power of a great “laugh.”  The study of 300 individuals, half of them heart patients, concluded that laughter could have specific, measurable physical and emotional benefits.  Michael Miller, M.D. who led the research team says “We know the anger and stress impair the endothelium-the protective barrier lining our blood vessels. This can cause fat and cholesterol buildup in the coronary arteries. But laughter may have the opposite effect-it may stimulate elements that protect the endothelium.”  This important for weight loss and counting calories as well.


Humor has various cognitive effects. It can alter our perspective on life, reduce negative self-talk, change our mind set from an objective, serious, logical sense of reality to a more creative playful one. Laughter helps us to think in more flexible ways and  “draw outside the lines” and function “outside of the box.”

How do you use humor to get out of depression? Watch funny movies, read funny books, watch the comedy station on television and possibly even take a laughter yoga class.



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NYC Chair Massage reviews

Below is a chair massage demo that shows techniques our corporate chair massage therapists use to massage their clients’ upper back, shoulders, and neck — using elbows and forearms, with minimal use of the thumbs.

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