Healing Diabetes2 – From The NY Chair Massage Company

When our chair massage team – www.eventschairmassage.com works at health fairs we often discuss the many different wellness techniques. Often we often wellness talks for addressing diabetes.

An effective diet for a person with diabetes 2 is a nutritionally balanced diet that  can also keep blood sugar levels in check. A natural or whole foods diet that does not keep blood sugar levels in check can lead to dangerous complications.

All people newly diagnosed with diabetes need to meet with a certified diabetes counselor or a registered dietitian specifically trained help diabetes patients. This is recommended even if you are very knowledgeable about wellness, and holistic nutrition. I have been a wellness coach and author on therapeutic nutrition for over thirty years and when I learned I was diabetic and met with a counselor she was able to teach me subtle changes in my diet and valuable addition to my daily meals that made a real difference in lowering my blood sugar.

One of the first things a person diagnosed with Diabetes 2 needs to do is learn about proper meal planning and food preparation.

Simply said, meal preparation, sometimes called “meal prep,” is the process of planning and preparing meals. Most people without major health challenges will do meal preparation on Sunday, but there is an increasing trend of mid-week meal preparation, where meals are prepared once on Sunday, for Mon-Wed, then again on Wednesday for the rest of the week. This is especially important for the diabetic.

Since a person with diabetes 2 often does meal prepping with highly perishable items such as leafy greens, such an individual  may want to consider a mid-week meal prep routine.

Sometimes meal preparation involves preparing meals ahead of time for a short or extended period of time. This practice usually occurs among people who desire to lose weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle or who need to control their blood sugar. Advance preparation can serve to standardize food portions. Sometimes meals are fully cooked, other times they are not. Meals may be prepared in small containers such as tupperware, and are sometimes labeled.


There’s no one best diabetic diet. However, there are some approaches that seem to work well for more people than other approaches.  Among the most popular and effective approaches are:

·        Keeping track of the amount of carbohydrates they ingest with each food product (carbohydrate counting).

·        Portion control (adjusting portion size to produce desired blood sugar levels),

·        Diabetes food pyramid (eating a set number of portions of specific foods throughout the day).

·        Low glycemic diet (Limiting ones diet to foods that are low on the glycemic index (a system that ranks foods on a scale from 1 to 100 based on their effect on blood-sugar levels.)

Most people find that it takes some trial and error for you to find what works best for them. A skilled, holistically oriented diabetes counselor can help you with this, as can information from IAHP at HealingAssociation.com




Chair Massage Techniques from the NYC Corporate Chair Massage Company


When our chair massage team – www.eventschairmassage.com works at teachings workshops on healing we often discuss the many different techniques practitioners can choose from. The following are among the most popular.:






Lewis Harrison – RealUGuru, is a speaker, corporate consultant, writer, mentor, success and wealth coach, content-rich, motivational speaker, and an entrepreneur specializing in problem solving and strategizing  based on game thinking, applied game theory and Game Thinking.

He is the author of over twenty-two books published in five languages.


Don’t forget to tune to the RealUGuru Radio show every Thursday 4-6 PM EST  at WIOX 91.3 FM or on your smart device at WIOXRadio.org.

WIOX is a diverse station that broadcasts original programming including presentation from NPR, the BBC, Democracy Now etc.

If you are interested in business success in life coaching, stress management or corporate chair massage you need to read Lewis’ recently published business books.


Lewis Life Coaching course and all the offerings on chair massage at http://www.eventschairmassage.com  focus on the application of applied game thinking, gamification, decision science, positive psychology, happiness,  and visionary thinking to solve basic, complex and extreme problems. He is the creator of a free course on stress management and human potential.

The Royal Victorian Catskills B & B in Stamford NY offers weekend an weeklong personal healing, and spiritual retreats

To learn more call 212-724-8782

Here is a short interview with Lewis;



Today’s stress management blog is presented  by a grant from Events  Chair Massage –www.EventschairMasssage.com –  a company that offers Corporate Chair Massage and Stress Management Services to meeting planner, event planners, party planners and HR for Trade show booths throughout the United States.

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