Types of Membership
Membership in the International Association of Healing Professionals (IAHP) is open to massage therapists, movement educators herbalists, aromatherapists, bodyworkers, energetic healers, mental health professionals, metaphysicians, Holistic Health Practitioners, Polarity Health Educators, Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine Practitioners, Shamans, Feng Shui Practitioners, Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Pastoral Counselors, Clinical Hypnotherapists, Colonic Therapists, Reiki Practitioners, Life Coaches, Physicians, motivational and inspirational speakers and seminar leaders.



The primary mission of the organization is to serve as a certifying board, and an educational, networking, and business-building support network for those in the helping and healing professions.


Membership Levels:

There are four annual membership levels:
Level 1 – Associate Membership $47:
This is open is everyone. This form of membership is also most appropriate for students. Membership includes a weekly newsletter, an insurance search to help you find the least expensive professional insurance (we are
not insurance brokers) and a copy of Lewis Harrison’s classic bodywork book – “Hands-on Healing: Massage, the Shaman’s Way”

Level 2 – Professional Membership $97:
This level of membership is open to all licensed or certified healing professionals and includes everything offered in the Associate membership and 3 additional books on healing and holistic wellness by Lewis Harrison including:
-“Helping Yourself with Natural Healing”: An encyclopedic manual listing Nutritional Supplements, Herbal Remedies, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Visualization Instruction, Bodywork and Acupressure Points for tapping into the bodies natural ability to heal itself.
– “Spiritual, Not Religious: Sacred Tools for Modern Times”: A Coaching book for spiritual seekers who want a non-dogmatic, humanist approach to daily spiritual practice.
-The Complete Fats and Oils Book: A basic, clear guide to one of the six essential nutrients.
– “Gamification for Business: A Holistic Exploration of Game Theory, Globalization and the new Digital Business Environment”

Level 3 – IAHP Certified Professional Membership $597:
This level of membership is for those who wish to attend the Residential Integrative Healing Skills Certification training. The fee includes the weekend training and a one-year membership in the association. Each certification weekend takes place on Saturday and Sunday and includes a customized program created with the staff of IAHP

Level 4 – Advanced Certified Professional Membership Free The First Year:
This level of membership is only available to those who have completed one of the 9 the year-long Certification programs :

To learn more about these Advanced Courses go: to

To become a member call our office at 212-724-8782 and also fill out the application form below.



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Please Note: IAHP is a professional trade associaion.  We do not promote ourselves as a school or professional training program since this type of education is restricted in certain places. membership does not qualify you for any specific license in New York State. Laws concerning massage, bodywork, counseling, Life Coaching, nutrition, herbology or any other applications of what you learn through IAHP may be limited by the laws in your state or country. Please check the laws to determine what is permitted in your region.