Pierre Marie Félix Janet and the History of Hypnosis

I was mentoring a member of the association today and we got into a discussion about how one transforms themselves; really changes their way of thinking.

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In my mind this cannot be done intellectually. One must explore the emotional core of one’s being. Clean out the “cellular memory” – the stud that get’s stored in our physical body on the deepest level. This can be some a number of ways.

You can call them trance processes, visualization, hypnosis, shamanic realities or altered states of conscious. Even corporate chair massage can put you in this state. Often when I do motivational speaking about hypnosis, stress management and personal development I speak about trance states.


Two of my favorites approaches to transformation are Inner Child Work as presented by John Bradshaw and Journal writing as created by Ira Progroff (an early friend of Joseph Campbell’s .) Both of these are included in my book “100 Portals: Wormholes to Alternate Reality” – When completed this book will be Volume 8 in the Teachings of Lewis Harrison.

Much of this transformational work is done through an external or self created hypnotic trance. Much of my work as a mentor revolves around trance work and the exploration of altered states of conscious.


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Since Monday is the day I write about visionary thinkers I want to introduce you to a great pioneer in Trance work: Pierre Marie Félix Janet



Pierre Marie Félix Janet: (30 May 1859 – 24 February 1947) was a pioneering French psychologist, philosopher and psychotherapist in the field of dissociation and traumatic memory.

Janet was one of the first people to allege a connection between events in the subject’s past life and his or her present day trauma, and coined the words ‘dissociation and ‘subconscious’. His study of the ‘magnetic passion’ or ‘rapport’ between the patient and the hypnotist anticipated later accounts of transference.

He was an influence on William James, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Alfred Adler all pioneers in Psychiatry and Psychology and Jung studied with Janet in directly in 1902.

He is ranked alongside William James and Wilhelm Wundt as one of the founding fathers of psychology. 


Be happy and move to the next level if you are ready.

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Here is a music video that reminds me of Janet or any of the great pioneers in trance work.




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