Corporate Chair Massage, nyc and Kinesthetic Holism

Corporate Chair Massage and Kinesthetic Holism

If you organize wellness fairs for corporations than you need to know about  Kinesthetic holism and seated chair massage.



This theory presents the idea that a structural or energetic imbalance can only be understood in terms of its relation to a larger body of information. A muscular problem for instance would be connected to postural imbalances, structural factors such as heal position, one leg being shorter than the other, imbalances in meridians, emotional issues and cranial sacral imbalances. A ten minute, inexpensive Chair Massage session can address these problems

Kinesthetic holism is fueled by the interaction of contradictory opposites which can be confusing for a massage therapist.  The two schools of thought within academia that wrestle with this reality of opposites are commonly known as “Holism” and “Reductionism.”

Reductionism in massage is the most popular of theories for solving
muscular problems through formal scientific methods.
Massage reductionism presents the idea that any massage or bodywork system, no matter how complex can be understood by reducing it to its most basic units. Thus, from the reductionist perspective, the basics of massage can be found in the relationship between muscle, ligaments, tendons, bones etc. and the basics of biology, which is part of most formal massage therapy training can be understood through the essential elements found through chemistry and biology. Reductionism defines much of what has come to be known as the classical scientific approach to massage.

   How does the Theory of Reductionism contradict the theory of Holism?” Reductionism says that if we can understand what is basic in a system, than we can understand what is complex. Holism tells us that nothing is as it seems in a system, since that basic thing you can isolate will still be influenced by every other unit in the system.

In reductionism what you see is what you get but most massage therapists are likely to say that there is much more going on between the lines. In Holism the sum may end up being greater than the parts.

Aromatherapy Chair massage can reduce the struggle between these two ideas by merging yin and yang into a balance.



Lewis Harrison is the director of Events Chair Massage, a provider of chair massage and stress management services to meeting and wellness events planners. Here is a short interview with Lewis;

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